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You Won’t Believe This Man’s Amazing Body Transformation!

For Joe Batic, getting fit has been a lifetime project. He began his first diet when he was in the fourth grade and lost ten pounds. Throughout middle and high school, he yo-yo dieted and intermittently took up exercise routines. He was up to 200 pounds by his freshman year of high school, but he was down to a trim 170 pounds in his sophomore year, and kept the weight off through the rest of his time in high school.

But during college, Joe began living a more sedentary lifestyle, often eating pizza and drinking beer with his friends. By his senior year, Joe weighed 300 pounds. Throughout college, Joe had avoided looking at the scale, and he just bought new clothes when the ones he had got too tight. It was when he looked down at the scale one day and saw the number 300 that he knew he had to make a lifestyle change before the number got much bigger and scarier.

Amazing Body Transformation

After being motivated by a friend who had recently lost 20 pounds by exercising, Joe started his own fitness routine. He began by simply lacing up his sneakers and running. But after running three days in a row, he got bad shin splints, and he had to scale back his running to three days a week. But even with the running, Joe was still having trouble losing weight. It wasn’t until he began lifting weights at his university’s gym that he noticed real change.

Joe slowly built himself up to doing a five-day-a-week lifting routine which, looking back, he realized was full of holes. He would do mostly flat bench exercises, curls, and push-downs, and he didn’t do any work on his legs. By the end of his time at college, Joe had lost 50 pounds, but he wanted something more.

After college, Joe educated himself on the best strength training routines for losing weight, began eating a healthy protein-filled diet, and created a seven-day workout plan. On Day One of his routine, Joe did leg exercises. On Day Two, he focused on the muscles in his shoulders, and on Day Three, he did exercises that benefitted his back. On Day Four, Joe turned his focus to his chest, and on Day Five, he worked on his arms. On Day Six, he focused on any muscle group that needed to be prioritized. And on Day Seven, he rested before beginning his routine all over again the next day.

After following this plan for two years, Joe lost an amazing 105 pounds, and he went from 40+% body fat to 10-12% body fat! He is now thinking about becoming a personal trainer, and he’s also planning on entering bodybuilding competitions.

Joe’s advice for people who are embarking on body transformations is to take one step at a time. If you try to take on too much, you may get discouraged and give up. It’s best to just focus on one little goal at a time, and celebrate each milestone that you achieve.

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