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Find Out How this Police Officer Shed his Dad Bod and Got Fit

Throughout high school, college, and his early years on the police force, Officer Mike Short kept up a healthy fitness and diet regime. He surfed regularly, played football, took up jujitsu, went to the gym often, and lifted weights. But as he settled into his job as a police officer and got busier at the office, he stopped working out regularly. And as he and his wife began having kids and had lesser and lesser time for healthy cooking, he began eating more fast food and takeout.


Soon, Mike realized that he needed to make a change—he wanted to get back to his peak level of physical fitness, and he also wanted to begin competing in bodybuilding competitions. But to do that, he’d have to cut out all the junk food and create an everyday fitness routine.

And so that’s what Mike did. Before beginning his workout routine, Mike weighed 176 pounds and had 25% body fat. Afterwards, he weighed 151 pounds and had 7% body fat. To achieve this dramatic weight loss and muscle gain, Mike created a weekly workout plan that focused on strength training. Each day of the week focused on different muscles, ensuring that Mike got a full body workout.

On Day One of Mike’s workout plan, he focused on his quads, shoulders, and abs, doing exercises like barbell shrugs, leg extensions, and reverse flyes. On Day Two, he did exercises that benefited his back and abs, including wide-grip lat pulldowns, face pulls, Russian twists, and planks.

On Day Three, Mike put the focus on his hamstring, chests, and abs, and he did exercises like incline dumbbell presses, barbell dead lifts, seated leg curls, and standing calf raises. Day Four was arms and abs day, and Mike did hammer curls, lying triceps presses, barbell curls, and triceps pushdowns. Day Five was Mike’s rest day, where he let his muscles recover from the intense workout.

On Days Six and Seven, Mike worked on his abs, and he also did cardio workouts. He would do exercises on crunch balls, Russian twists, flat bench lying leg raises, and planks. Afterwards, he would go for a run on the treadmill.

While he was doing this workout plan, Mike also ate a diet high in lean protein and healthy grains. For one meal, he ate chicken, avocado, brown rice, and green beans. For another, he ate turkey, jasmine rice, olive oil, and green beans. For a snack, he ate protein powder mixed with jasmine rice.  He also had meals that included tilapia, sweet potato, carrots, and broccoli.

By following a stringent workout plan and eating healthy, high-protein meals, Mike was able to meet his weight loss and muscle gain goals. He was also able to reach his goal of signing up for bodybuilding competitions, and he competed in his first competition in Novice Class B. As Mike shows, with some hard work and a few changes in your diet, you sure can achieve your fitness goals!

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