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Find Out how the life of the Winner of a $200 K Bodybuilding Competition has Changed!

In 2015, Chandler Camden won $200,000 from a bodybuilding competition for his incredible body transformation. But this transformation didn’t come easily or quickly—it started long before the competition, and it included years of hard work.

Chandler’s body transformation began in 2012, when he went from 270 pounds to 200 pounds by simply changing his diet. But after getting stalled out at 200 pounds, he realized he needed to begin a strength training routine to get the body he really wanted. Chandler began strength training, but like with many people, the last 40 pounds were the hardest for him to lose. He hoped that by signing up for a 12-week bodybuilding competition, he would be able to lose that last remaining weight and increase his muscle mass.

Bodybuilding Competition

And it worked! In twelve weeks, Chandler dropped 41 pounds, and he went down to 11% body fat. And since winning the contest in 2015, Chandler hasn’t stopped eating healthily or doing his fitness regime. Chandler has embraced his new lifestyle wholeheartedly, and he can’t imagine going back.

In an interview a year after his big win, Chandler disclosed that one of the hardest parts of changing his lifestyle was giving up his favorite foods. Before embarking on his healthy lifestyle, Chandler often ate not until he was full, but rather, until he couldn’t fit any more into his stomach.

It took a long time for him to lose that mindset, and he still struggles with it at times. But winning a bodybuilding competition has helped stop Chandler from going back to unhealthy eating. Many people email him, telling him how he has inspired them. These messages help him to stay focused on his goals. Plus, his physique now means more to him than unhealthy food does. He likes how he looks, and he realized he would rather keep his physique and self-confidence than indulge in the temporary pleasures of a greasy burger or a pizza. Chandler also keeps his kids on his mind when he’s working out—he wants them to be proud of the example he’s setting for them.

In his interview, Chandler also discussed how his nutrition and fitness routines have grown and changed in the year since his win. Chandler is always playing around with new fitness and nutrition strategies, looking for the ones that will work best for him. Through trial and error, he’s been able to find some of the strategies that work the best for his body.

Since winning the competition, Chandler has noticed an increase in his confidence level, making him feel like he can accomplish anything he sets out to do. He has also realized how important it was to make a mental transformation before making a physical transformation. For a true transformation, you need to change the way you feel about your body, and reframe what you think of as your shortcomings. Doing this will help you gain self-confidence and completely transform your body.

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