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Fall In Love With Yourself – Stay Fit!

A need to be healthy and stay fit turned into a passion for Allie. She plans to apply for the Russian Kettlebell Certified Instructor course, and then focus on getting a nutrition and weight-loss certification to become a consultant. Here is her story. Allie Ruby only realized how unhealthy and overweight she had become when her mother posted a picture of hers on a social networking site. That’s when the realization for a change stared her right in the face.

Even though Allie was a healthy child who was into sports and exercise, it was while leading a stressful life in college that she started eating unhealthy food and ignored her health. Pursuing a degree in genetics, Allie had to spend most of her time in the laboratory and stay awake for long hours. She stuffed herself with coffee and soda and any fast food she could get her hands on, not realizing then the impact it was making on her body. Much of her social life was spent in drinking and eating fast food with friends. And with almost no exercise to shed the weight off, the scales did not look good.

Stay Fit

But once Allie decided to turn her life around, there was no looking back. She decided to make small but sustainable changes to bring her life in order. First, she started by changing her diet. She chose a homemade salad over a restaurant burrito. She snacked at home instead of eating out.

Gradually, she started feeling so good that she added at-home workout videos to her routine, so that she could prepare herself for the gym. She also started training with her dog, going for long runs with him to keep herself motivated.

The next step was to hit the gym. At first, she was intimidated by what others would think of her. But, through self-motivation and self-talk, she was able to keep herself on track. With the help of a good trainer, online apps, and social media, she was able to keep herself inspired and motivated. She wrote down her daily goals and even bonded with people who had the same goals and who empowered and encouraged one another.

Alongside all this, Allie started to design her meals. She started to track her calorie intake through an online app in order to find out how much protein, carbs, and fat she should be eating and at what time of the day.

Allie decided to share her progress on social media to encourage others, especially her family. Her parents decided to follow her example and started their own fitness program.

The final step in long-term motivation was deciding to merge her personal fitness goals with the larger goal of starting her own mentoring or consulting business so that she could share with other people the happiness she felt in staying fit.

Allie wants everyone to fall in love with themselves and see themselves in a different light. If she can do it, you can too!

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