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Dbal Max- My Journey from Inactivity to A Healthy Living

Is that really me, I wondered when I looked at myself in the mirror. I shook my head in disbelief at the changes and muscle growth that I observed within the last few weeks. More thrilling is the umpteen questions that I am being asked about how I managed to lose the extra flabs at the wrong places in my body in such a short span of time. I, in fact, feel stronger and am able to work out for longer periods without getting tired or exhausted.

My gains:

Allow me to share my experience on how I managed to lose weight and fight my way back into shape.

Gaining about 12 pounds of muscle in 3 months!!! Picture the muscular body which every female loves to touch. Wouldn’t you want a life full of activity even as you age? Trust me.

  • You will feel pampered and loved
  • Enjoy the attention
  • Compete in sporting activities more often
  • You will be brimming with confidence.

My early days:

Although I was never a physique building enthusiast from my younger days, I always did maintain a healthy body. But as I grew in age I realized that I kept gaining in weight and was getting fatigued. My desk job also does not allow me much of physical movements.

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Pointers to aging:

I love to read and have come across several articles about how human health tends to deteriorate as they age. We become less energetic and feel weaker with indications of muscle mass diminishing and overall performance decreasing. I panicked as I felt the symptoms are already being felt in my body. I know I am not alone in this awful situation. Many among you must have experienced or are experiencing the same way

My fightback process:

Imagine the turnaround and the intense satisfaction that I got after 3 months when the extra mass around the belly disappeared. Now people gape at me in amazement at the transformation. What earlier was a scornful look now has turned to looks of envy. I am able to work out for longer time and eat what I want thanks to the wonderful product about which I will talk in a while.

My nightmares:

It started turning from bad to worse and became a humiliation   when my colleagues did not even bother to consider me for a friendly soccer game with our next door neighbor office. I cannot blame them for that. I was not able to participate in any activities and was looking at excuses every time.

Signs of anguish:

People were giving me long stares wherever I went.  I had to get back into normal shape. I decided to hit the gym.  But to my horror, I found I did not have the stamina and energy to work out for more than 10 to 15 minutes. My appetite increased and made me eat more than what I used to putting on more weight instead of reducing. I touched nearly 180 pounds. My gym instructor tried to help advising me to change my food plan but to no avail.   Even after months of exercises I could not find much difference and my desperation grew.

Advices & Suggestions:

I went around asking friends and colleagues for solutions. You know how everyone becomes an expert when you ask for a recommendation. Someone suggested steroids which I negated as I had read about its damaging side effects. Steroids give excellent results but   I did not want to land up running after doctors and hospitals by injecting myself with these painful and harmful products.

Skipping a meal:

I looked at other options available and decided on a diet control. I stopped oily and junk food and instead turned to more green vegetables. Never skip your meals. Maintain a time schedule and a diet plan.  One big mistake I did was to give up lunch and tried to manage with fruits and juices. It only led to my getting weaker with body aches and no vitality. Nothing seemed to be working for me. I then realized that all these weight loss pills, diet food supplements and claims and commercials on building muscular body was only a money making racket.   It only left me more frustrated as I had wasted a lot of my savings at the gym, on diet controlling food and more important precious time with no results.

Family problems:

It was becoming an embarrassment for my family too as I started avoiding going out to parties and other social gatherings. This created a distance and unconsciously built a wall in my relationships with family. My structure and behavior also underwent changes and I was becoming more and more irritated at every minor issue. In fact, I was trying to hide away from people especially the women around lest they ridicule or mock at me.

Did a little homework:

I decided to do a research myself on Google. I found several posts which initially made me suspicious. I thought to myself more scams and bogus products. But then something caught my eye. There were many posts about a product D-bal Max. I decided to give it a try but after reading more about the product. I read the various D-bal Max reviews and the most important point that I found in them was none of the reviews spoke about any side effects. The product is a legal steroid alternative approved by the FDA. I browsed their website and could not resist from ordering.

My life changer:

I could feel the difference in a week’s time. This happened at the gym. My instructor noticed it first. I was able to lift more weights, recover faster and still stay energetic. I pushed harder and harder at the gym. After a few weeks while dressing up for my work I realized the trousers were getting slacker. I jumped in ecstasy. My belly fat was reducing. I gained about 12 pounds of muscle mass. Heads kept turning when I walked into my office with a smile and confidence which I thought I had lost forever. I recommend it. You will need it as you age and is a better solution to maintain your body muscle mass and to avoid complications later.

The end results:

I have fallen in love with my mirror. Yes, I keep going back to check if it is real or am I dreaming. My life has totally changed for better.

  • I feel stronger
  • I can lift more weights
  • My chest and arms got bigger
  • Muscles became harder
  • I became confident and
  • I wear nicer clothes.

My body has become much better and I do spend more time with family and I can perform better in every way. I am in the limelight and a topic of discussion at every gathering.

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